Auto Restorations

auto restorations Asheville Automotive restorations are our business! If you are trying to decide where to get your car restored, look no further. TD Customs specializes in restoring older vehicles and bringing them back to their former glory. We work on all kinds of cars, trucks and motorcycles (and even the occasional mini fridge, guitar, or other random request).

We’ve done many full auto restorations. Depending on the needs of your car, many include custom fabrications and modifications, rust and body repairs, and a custom paint job.

Some of our auto restorations are classic cars that will end up at the car shows. Others are your average ride that just need to look brand new again. We understand the nostalgia that comes with restoring your grandfather’s old farm truck or that old beater you drove in high school.

With lots of different options for custom paint schemes, we can create a completely new look for your vehicle or paint it back to what it looked like fresh out of the factory. 

Depending on the needs of your vehicle, auto restorations may include:

  • Custom metal work and fabrication
  • Show-quality body work and paint
  • Rust and corrosion repair
  • Fiberglass repairs
  • Frame undercoating
  • Bed liner coating
  • Engine compartment paint and detail
  • Final buff and polish
  • Custom paint schemes
  • Interior upholstery work

Specialty/ Custom Automotive Restoration Work

TD Customs also offers specialty restoration work that involves more complex custom fabrication. Examples of custom automotive modifications include body/ door kit applications, shaved door handle assembly, sunroof installation, cowl hood fabrication, and custom paint, including metal flake, candies, pearls, etc. If there’s other specialty body work you’re wanting, feel free to ask!

Why Choose TD Customs for your car or truck’s restoration?

TD Customs has years of experience restoring cars and trucks of all kinds. We’ve restored many old classic cars, as well as other cars and trucks that are just in need of a complete makeover. Our experience, as well as our customer service, makes us Asheville’s best auto restoration shop. We always encourage our restoration customers to stop in to see the project throughout the various stages of auto body repair and paint. If you can’t make it in, we stay in contact throughout the process with updates. Either way, customer satisfaction is our top priority and that is projected in every job we do. 

Located in Mills River, TD Customs serves all surrounding areas, including Asheville, Arden and Hendersonville. Especially with our full restorations, we’ve also had customers travel to us from other areas as well. 

Visit our Photo Gallery to see samples of our work. 

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