Custom Paint

Custom paint is a huge part of our business. From full restorations, to custom painted motorcycles, to quick fender bender repairs, TD Customs specializes in all kinds of custom paint jobs. Everything that comes into the shop gets painted in some way or another.

custom paint td customs asheville ncWe pride ourselves in being able to apply any custom paint job that a customer might ask for. When other body shops turn someone down wanting cool, glitter metal flake all over their car, we say yes. When someone wants their corn mill grinder painted, we say, sure, why not! In fact, we love these jobs. It’s fun bringing items back to life, and creating something completely unique and eye-catching.

Asheville Custom Paint

custom paint auto fletcher

Custom lace effect

Bored with the color on your car? Clear coat peeling away from sun damage? We offer complete paint jobs for all kinds of vehicles. We can either paint the car back to the original color, or apply an entirely new color and paint scheme altogether. Options include two-tone designs, stripes, flames, ghost flames, marble effect, lace effect, faux wood, etc.

Motorcycles are among the most frequent requests we get for custom paint. Bikes are where you get to really play around with the look you are going for. Typically, the pieces are smaller and it’s a chance to be creative and get a custom paint job that you won’t see anywhere else. See our Motorcycle Photo Gallery for more.

Restorations with Custom Paint Schemes

When doing full auto restorations, customers either choose to bring the car or truck back to it’s factory-original color and paint scheme or give it an entirely new look. Many times, there are paint codes that tell us the exact color it is, while other times, we can color match it to the desired custom paint color. We have paint catalogs available for color selection.

auto restoration Hendersonville

Full restoration with custom paint scheme

Quick Repair Jobs

Even quick auto body repair jobs require custom paint application. We may have a car in for a little fender bender, but we must also match the paint on the repaired panels to the original paint on the entire car. Typically, a simple paint code will get us what we need. However, if there is sun fading on the parts of the car not getting painted, we blend the paint to fade in so it will ultimately look seamless.

chromalusion color changing paint asheville

Color changing drawer handles

Cool Custom Paint on… Anything!

While we, of course, specialize in automotive restorations and custom paint jobs on cars, trucks and motorcycles, we are always open to painting other items as well.

Certain items require careful, professional spray painting. We’ve painted other miscellaneous items, such as guitars, bicycles, staircase rails, doors, and even a kegerator for Sierra Nevada. It’s always fun to step outside the box and remodel a random item for someone.

Sometimes the hardest part comes down to deciding what custom paint scheme you want. Everyone likes something a bit different. Feel free to look online for pictures or bring in your own paint samples to give us an idea of the custom paint job you want. We are happy to offer suggestions for your custom paint project. Of course, many times, your ride is such a representation of who you are, that we like to make your ideas come to life.

Electroluminescent Paint

Lumilor is a paint product that literally LIGHTS UP with an electric charge.  Therefore, it can be turned on and off with a simple switch. Through a system of coatings, the paint contains conductive materials that will be wired to an electrical source, and then easily powered on and off. Have questions? See our Electroluminescent Paint FAQ page or contact us to discuss.

electroluminescent paint lumilor training

Lumilor electroluminescent paint off, and on. What would you paint light on?

Quality Work

TD Customs always provides QUALITY custom paint jobs. We use only the best materials, including quality paint products, spray guns, etc., and have a state of the art paint booth that ensures perfect application and a safeguard from debris. All paint jobs get wet sanded and buffed and polished before leaving the shop. It’s important to us that every job is a true reflection of our work that we can always stand behind. We have many satisfied customers who recommend us to their friends and continue to bring us their work. Check out our Testimonials page to read some reviews.

Located in Mills River, NC, we proudly serve all surrounding areas, including Asheville, Hendersonville, Arden, and Fletcher. We’ve even been lucky enough to have customers travel to us from Charlotte and other areas around the state. Additionally, since certain custom paint jobs are small enough to ship, we have also had customers send us their item, such as bike tanks and parts, to get painted.

See our Photo Gallery to see lots of other pictures. And for a free estimate on your custom paint project, contact us today!

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