TD Customs is a Certified Lumilor Lab, able to paint with LIGHT! 

That’s right; your car can now light up.

Accent details, like flames, stripes or logos can be painted to light up. Your motorcycle can be lit up while you’re riding at night. And when it’s off, all you see is a beautiful paint job. No lines, no wires.

This is brand new technology in the automotive and paint industries, and we are excited to be able to offer electroluminescent paint jobs to our customers!

Lumilor light up motorcycle paint by TD Customs

Introducing Lumilor 

Lumilor is an electroluminescent coating system that contains conductive materials that emit light particles when electrically charged. Light is achieved through a complex coating process. Wires are then connected from the paint to an electric source, such as a car or motorcycle, or even a couple 9-volt batteries. All wires are hidden, so all you see is a clean paint job that lights up.

Electroluminescence in paint form is a completely new technology that is made possible by phosphorescent substances within the paint itself. Watch the video above to learn more!

Paint that lights up at the flip of a switch!

Lumilor light up paint motorcycle TD CustomsElectroluminescent paint can be applied to nearly any surface, including fiberglass, plastic and metal. It is easily applied to various shapes and curves, and is flexible up to a 180 degree bend. It acts just as a regular paint would, and essentially becomes one with any object it is applied to. This allows us to make any object into an electrically charged light.

Lumilor is Brand New Technology

Lumilor was only invented a few years ago, but is one of the most impressive advancements to the paint industry. When people see the paint light up for the first time, they are blown away. We often find ourselves reiterating that, yes, it’s the paint that lights up!

What can you do with Lumilor?

  • Control the light with a switch
  • Control it with an app – There are a few apps that allow you to control electrical components, such as a light up paint job.
    • Use your phone to turn on your paint job!
    • Bluetooth controlled
    • Sync to music!

Let us take your paint job to the next level!

Lumilor by TD Customs Light up Motorcycle Paint

Lumilor with lace paint job overlay

Electric Paint Job – Lots of Options!

Lumilor is always the base. We can’t save elements from a previous paint job or paint on top of decals or emblems. After lighting it, we can top coat it with a solid color, airbrushed artwork, logos, you name it.

  • Specific images/ logos – We use a plotter to cut the exact image, logo, lettering, etc. you would like to use
  • Custom paint – We can create the right look with simple designs or specific airbrushed artwork
  • Entirely lit with artwork on top or only have certain areas light up (like the ‘Babydoll’ fairing above), with the rest blacked out
  • Options when off: Artwork still shown (like the lace pattern above) or completely invisible until turned on

There are a ton of different design options, so we will discuss what you have in mind and make a plan from there.

td customs lumilor light up paint motorcycle

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td customs a certified lumilor lab

We are no longer offering Lumilor paint jobs at this time.