Light Up Helmets

Light up helmets are the newest way to safeguard yourself while out riding motorcycles or enjoying other action sports at night. Forget about reflectors or other ineffective safety features. Having a helmet that lights up with a real electric charge is much better way to ensure your visibility.

lumilor helmet lights up electroluminescent paint

Lumilor lit helmet

It is also one of the coolest, most revolutionizing new products available. We are able to offer helmets that light up thanks to a new paint product called Lumilor. TD Customs is a Certified Lumilor Lab that will paint your helmet to light up, and personalize it with a topcoat design that you’ll love during the day as well.

Lumilor is an electroluminescent coating system that can make any object light up without changing the object at all. It involves a complex process of strategically applying various coatings to create the illumination. The paint job itself is wired to an electrical source, and can be turned on and off with a simple switch.

How will a Lumilor lit helmet be wired?

The needs of each individual will determine how best to wire it. If you intend to wear your lit up helmet on your motorcycle, we may wire it straight to the bike. If you are going to wear the helmet on a bicycle or skateboard, etc., we can wire the helmet to a 9-volt battery pack that would sit at the back of the helmet. And then all you need to do is flip a switch to turn it on and off!

Light Up Helmets Increase Visibility

Naturally, safety and visibility are two extremely important concerns for motorcycle riders. Accidents happen every day due to drivers not seeing motorcyclists on the road.

Having a helmet that lights up is an easy way to increase your visibility out on the road. Not only will people see a light and know there is a person or object they need to avoid hitting, but they will also take a second look simply because a helmet that lights up isn’t something that most people have seen before.

Helmets that light up with a real, electric charge provide a much needed safety feature. They will undoubtedly help you be SEEN out on the roads at night. Take safety measures into your own hands with a helmet that lights up for everyone to see.

Lumilor electroluminescent helmets that light up | Light up helmets

Lumilor lit motorcycle & helmet. Tank features topcoat airbrush work.

Lumilor Lit Helmets Shipped to You

light up paint helmet - Electroluminescent Paint Lumilor by TD Customs

Fully lit half-shell helmet

TD Customs offers simple electroluminescent painted helmets shipped to you. To the right, you see a fully lit half-shell helmet. Our helmets may feature four topcoat color options; blue, green, pink and silver. These are the colors you would see when the helmet is turned off and not lit. When you turn it on, you get the light you see here. Of course, custom design options are also available.

Customized Light Up Helmets

Customers wanting completely custom designed helmets should fill out a Get Lit Request or speak with us directly about your vision. Lumilor is a base coat that can have different top coat colors and designs on top of it, so there are many design options available. You may also choose not to light the entire surface area of the helmet, but only have accent stripes or images light up. We welcome your ideas and are happy to work with you to achieve the perfect look for your helmet.

lumilor get lit buttonTD Customs is a Certified Lumilor Lab, located in Asheville NC. We are an experienced custom paint shop that specializes in classic restorations and motorcycle paint jobs. Fill out a Get Lit Request to get started on a light up helmet and receive a free quote.