How much does Lumilor cost?

Everyone is blown away by electroluminescent paint. There’s no question about that. But a question we often get is, How much does this light up paint cost?

People assume that any type of Lumilor paint job is going to be outrageously priced. Electroluminescent paint is not cheap, but it’s also not so astronomically priced that you can’t afford it.

lumilor paint that lights up electric charge costLumilor’s founding company, Darkside Scientific, has done several high profile jobs, including a fully lit up Lexus where the paint was connected to the driver’s heart rate monitor, and a lit Tesla in Racing Extinction. Journalists hone in on the costs of these paint jobs (which have been in the tens of thousands) because they’re so clearly on another level.

While the Lexus car (and how they showcased it in their commercial) continues to blow us away, most people can’t afford, nor would even want, an illuminated paint job of this magnitude.

The product really does ‘shine’ more when it is used as accents details, such as images, logos or to light up other designs.

So let’s get to what you came here for…

How much does Lumilor cost?

TD Customs charges $4.50/ for the Lumilor materials (minimum 1 sq. ft. purchase), plus our labor to apply it. Lumilor must be applied as a base coat, with a top coat over it.

Every application will be priced differently depending on design and top coat details (the paint job you choose for when the Lumilor is off).

light up paint helmet - Electroluminescent Paint Lumilor by TD Customs

Fully lit half-shell helmet: $1200

To give you an idea of overall costs, if you wanted an entirely lit half-shell helmet, like the one shown to the right, it’d cost about $1200. Top coat paint job details would be extra.

The ‘Babydoll’ fairing Lumilor paint job cost $450. This included material costs for 18 square inches, and our labor. After the black top coat, the entire job came to $650.

how much does lumilor cost light up paint tdcustoms

Cost of entire job: $650

The TD Customs motorcycle has Lumilor covering 4.62 square feet, which is about 665 square inches. A Lumilor lit paint job like this, covering approximately the same area, would cost approx. $5500.

tdcustoms light up paint motorcycle

Cost of entire job: Approx. $5500

We’re happy to talk about different options we have for Lumilor paint work and top coat designs. Please fill out a Get Lit Request form to receive a quote. From there, we’ll be able to quote pricing and design options.

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