’66 Ford Mustang Restoration Complete

The ’66 Mustang restoration is ready for delivery! This classic car needed a little face lift, and got refinished back to it’s factory original state. The paint color is a Seaspray blue, which is the Mustang’s original color.

Here is the ’66 Mustang when it first came in. The doors, front bumper, and a couple other parts needed to be replaced. Other areas, such as the hood and trunk, needed to be restored. We typically choose the most cost effective option when determining whether to repair or replace a given part. There were some other random imperfections to address and minor trim accessories that needed to be replaced.

66 Mustang


After the body work was taken care of, the lines look smooth and straight. Ready for the fresh blue paint. This color looks great both in the shade and out in the sun where it can sparkle.

TD Customs classic automotive restorations - 66 Mustang

66 Mustang restorations | TD Customs Asheville body shop

66 Mustang - TD Customs Hendersonville body shop

We actually do a lot of Mustangs around here. We even have another one coming in in the next couple months. Vintage mustangs are popular, especially those from the ’65 – ’68 years. This one is leaving like the day it rolled off the assembly line.

For more information on our automotive restoration services, check out the Auto Restorations page. And of course, take a look at the Photo Galleries.


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