Progress: ’82 F-150 Restoration

The ’82 Ford F-150 truck restoration is in full swing. This is a factory original restoration, so it’ll be getting refinished and painted back to the original blue and white paint scheme.

1982 F-150 Factory Original Restoration

Let’s start with the Before picture…

F150 truck restoration

Before – Lots of work to do!

There is quite a bit of rust, so we’re repairing it all, as well as refinishing the entire truck. We’re also applying an anti-rust undercoat to the chassis.

Asheville rust repair

The cab has been repaired in certain areas, and is now in primer. The chassis has also been given a thick coat of the powerful, anti-rust application, POR-15. Once surface rust has been removed, we can apply this coating to keep rust from returning. It also makes it look a lot neater.

cab primer

The truck bed has a lot more metal and body work needed than the cab. We’re getting out all the rust first and doing metal work to patch up the holes left from rust. More metal work and then body work is needed next to get the truck bed panels completely straight. We started on the driver’s side. As you can see in the picture below, we’ve gotten a lot of this panel’s metal work completed.

metal body work auto shop

The other side is going to get the same detail and attention. Right now there is a large area with rust that we need to fix. From there, it’ll be time to start the body work and get all the panels straight.

rust repair

We’ve still got our work cut out for us on this project, but we’re making great progress. Itching to see a finished product? See some of our previous restorations in the Photo Galleries.

If you’ve got a project you’d like us to look at, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss!

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