Ambulance Refinishing & Paint

Commercial vehicle painting isn’t something we do often. However, we’ve been asked to paint an ambulance for a local emergency vehicle distribution company. For this job, we were only doing the back box of the ambulance. This meant all the exterior walls, the roof, and all doors.

A large part of any paint job is the prep work leading up to the actual paint. It takes several stages of sanding to make sure the surface is ready for the paint. Once the entire surface is sanded and any little dings or blemishes are filled, we tape everything off and get ready to paint.

emergency vehicle ambulance painting Asheville

Time to remove all the finish, including the gray at the top and any other decals and residue on the body. That sure is a lot of surface area to sand!

commercial vehicle painting Asheville


Commercial Vehicle Painting

Typically our automotive restorations and motorcycle paint take up most of our focus, but we’ve also done commercial vehicle paint jobs when they pop up. We refinished and painted a couple big rig trucks a year or so ago. Even when it’s not our typical concentration, we try to accommodate customers whenever we can.

The ambulance is being done for an emergency vehicle business that needs paint work. Once we get the ambulance painted and polished, it will go to their guys for the assembly of all the lights and other components.

commercial vehicle painting Asheville ambulance

When the body is all done, it gets attached back with the cab. Now it’s ready for decals, if needed, and all the final touches. Here is the ambulance all finished, looking perfectly white and pristine.

commercial ambulance paint Asheville

Contact us to discuss how TD Customs can help with your next paint project. In the meantime, take a look through our Photo Galleries!


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