Little Red Corvette: A Race Car

TD Customs paint job

One of the latest paint jobs we’ve been working on is this 1981 Chevy Corvette. With its huge rear tires, roll cage, and now a bright red paint job, this race car is definitely an eye grabber!

The car came to us in primer. The owner had done some of the body work on his own, and painted the door jambs. He did a great job getting the body work started. We just needed to fix a few cracks in the fiberglass and finish up the minor body waves down the panels, and, of course, get it painted.

Here is the Before picture..

corvette restoration


The paint color is Brilliant Red Metallic. For this race car paint job, the customer actually brought us the paint. It is a single stage urethane with lots of sparkle. Normally Tim pushes for a base coat/ clear coat paint job. However, this customer had already painted the door jambs and inners with the Brilliant Red. We were pleased with how well the paint laid out. It looks great both inside and in the sun.

asheville auto body shop - corvette drag car


The front end of this car is really cool. Looking closely, you can see the front clip and fenders have been made into one piece. Both the front and rear bumpers on this car have been molded seamless.

Tim couldn’t help but love the hood, and kept saying how different and cool it is. We found out that the hood is actually custom made out of a couple different fiberglass hoods.

Corvette drag car paint job Asheville body shop TD Customs

This Corvette is a modified, custom car, which we, of course, love. It’s got a full Chrome Molly tube roll cage, a Strange narrow rear end with 4:56 gears, and 18″ wide drag radials in the back.

Asheville auto body shop paint jobs

Race Car Paint Job

That is one good looking race car! The body lines are straight and smooth, and the paint job is flawless. Also, check out the size difference of those wheels in the front and back! It’s ready for the track now.

Asheville automotive race car paint jobs - TD Customs body shop

TD Customs specializes in all kinds of custom paint jobs and body repairs. Contact us if we can help with any of your auto body and paint needs. Whether you’ve got a custom build or just need a something small repaired and painted to match the rest of the car, we’re your body shop.

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