1970 Plymouth Barracuda Restoration

We’ve got a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda in the house!

top notch towing brings classic car to td customs

The ’70 Cuda is a pretty rare car that has been brought to us for a full body restoration. Top Notch Towing took care of the tow, and brought us the Cuda already on an automotive rotisserie.

automotive rotisserie

’70 Cuda on an automotive rotisserie

Having the car on a rotisserie is a perk, as it makes the refinishing process a little easier. We don’t have to bend down or stretch to reach certain areas, and no laying on the ground. Not all cars need to be stripped down completely or will require this much attention to every inch.

Before we got started with any of the body work, we needed to strip all of the paint off the car. Since this is a fiberglass body, we decided to waterblast it. We had WNC Mobile Dustless Blasting come out to safely, and very effectively blast all the old paint and debris off the every inch of the car.

Interested in Dustless Waterblasting? <– Read our blog that has details and video!

TD Customs paint body shop waterblasting

Mobile waterblasting

This restoration is getting every inch of the car taken down to bare metal. Once all the paint has been safely stripped off the car, we can look at the body and get started on getting everything straight. We do this so we can get a realistic picture of what the body of the car needs. If it isn’t stripped down, we’ll be seeing layers of old paint and primer, someone else’s bondo if it’d been repaired before, and possibly other blemishes that may have been hidden before.

This project included major metal work. We repaired rust, and replaced floor pans and quarter panels, welding in the new metal, like you can see Erick doing below.

asheville metal work rust repair

Erick doing lots of welding/ metal work

Of course, it also required body work to make the original lines of the car perfectly straight. Body work refers to the application of bondo (or fiberglass, depending on the car) to mold the lines of the car back to the straight, smooth condition they were originally in. No waves, dents, or dings here!

auto body shop asheville

The line in the middle is especially important because it divides the car and is usually a focal point on high end paint jobs. The owner, knowing the value of the car and wanting to preserve it, has been specific about wanting the lines to be perfect. We spent a lot of time doing so, and it is definitely straight now that we’re done with it!

classic restoration body shop Asheville

Perfectly straight body lines

After the metal work and rust had been taken care of, we undercoated the car. We applied a protective anti-rust application to prevent rust from popping up in the future.

auto body shop undercoating Arden

’70 cuda undercoated

The paint on this one doesn’t disappoint. It is certainly getting a color that will draw some attention. It’s called Sublime Green…

classic restoration 1970 plymouth barracuda

First look at Sublime Green

Exterior paint is coming up next. Right now the guys are working on getting all the parts put back on the car. Once it is all put back together, we tape off the parts that have been painted and tackle the outside paint.

TD Customs also had a black vinyl top done and put on by our upholsterer.

classic car restorations asheville

’70 Cuda: After

This car was brought to us by another auto shop, PK’s Garage, that is handling everything other than the body and paint. It’ll be getting decorated in black HEMI decals once the motor is put back in. This is going to be a killer car when it’s all done.

hendersonville nc classic car paint job

1970 Plymouth Barracuda

If we receive pictures with the rest of the car put together, we’ll update you with the finished product! Or keep up with us on Facebook.

Check out our Photo Galleries to see more of our finished work, and the Auto Restorations page for more on our restoration services.

If you’d like to discuss a paint job or another project you’ve got, contact us!

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