’64 Ford Galaxie Full Classic Restoration

The 1964 Ford Galaxie full restoration is complete, and looks amazing. We did a lot of rust repair and body work to the entire car, and replaced a quarter panel. We got the bumpers rechromed so they look shiny and new again, had the upholstery completely redone, and of course, repainted it back to it’s factory red color.

64 Galaxie TD Customs classic restoration

The last time you saw the Galaxie, it had just been stripped down to bare metal and put in its first stage of primer. Read about the Galaxie’s first stages in this ’64 Ford Galaxie Progress Report. We’ve done a lot of metal and body work since then. Just when every panel was straight, we moved the classic car on to the paint shop.

Factory Original Classic Paint Job

moving on to the paint shop

Moving from the body shop to the paint shop

We’ve got the two ends of our building, with the one at the far end being the messy body shop where we do a lot of sanding and grinding metal. The first bay when you pull up is the finishing shop where we paint and do the final sanding and buffing.

parts in primer auto restoration

Parts in primer ready for paint

As always, the inner pieces get painted first. This includes door jambs, inner fenders and the underneath of the hood and trunk lid. We do these all separate so they can dry and be assembled back on the car before painting the entire exterior.

classic car paint shop Arden

Inners painted first

Next, we assemble all of the parts back on the car. This is typically a two person job as one holds the part and the other screws it into place. An important aspect of this stage of the job is to get the parts reassembled just right. The lines of the car need to be perfectly straight and there needs to be proper gaps between the doors or as the hood closes, for example. If not, it’ll need minor adjustments until it fits well and lines up.

reassembling car for auto paint Arden

Reassembly: putting doors back on

When all the parts are put back on, it’s time to roll it in the booth for paint.

classic car ready for paint

The car all put together and ready for exterior paint

And a few hours later, the car will have the base coat, color coat and clear sprayed on it. This Galaxie went back to the original red from the factory in 1964, called Rangoon Red.

Ford Galaxie paint job Arden NC

Booth pic: after paint

Interior Restoration/ Upholstery

We also revamped the entire interior, including the seats, headliner, and door panels. The interior was done by our upholster at his shop and then brought in when it was completed to be installed. It is really high quality work and looks great. The headliner is a simple white headliner that compliments the bright red color throughout.

interior automotive restoration

Upholstery, interior restoration

This ’64 Galaxie was a full, top to bottom restoration. There was a lot to do on this car, but the end result made it all worth it, as always. With its vivid, eye-catching red, matching interior and rechromed bumpers, this is truly a beautiful car!

64 Galaxie TD Customs full body paint

The 1964 Ford Galaxie turned out great. For more information on our restorations, be sure to check out the Restorations page and browse through the Photo Gallery.

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Pictures of the Galaxie throughout the restoration process…

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