Ghost Flame Paint Job on a Harley tank

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Ghost flame paint job on a Harley motorcycle tank

Ghost flame paint jobs let you play around with the look of your motorcycle depending on the way the light hits it. If you like a subtle look that also pops and looks unique and eye-catching, ghost flames are a cool way to do it. In the shade or from certain angles, you typically won’t see anything. And then when the light hits it, you see the flames or whatever design you have ghosted in.

For this Harley-Davidson motorcycle tank, the owner went with a black base to match the rest of the bike. He was debating between painting silver stripes down the sides of the tank, or doing something more custom. After looking at some pictures online and of other work we’ve done, he decided to go with the ghost flames and matching Harley logo.

The silver used on the flames and Harley-Davidson logo were painted on with a candy silver. In the light, you can see definite sparkles that make it pop.

The owner was surprised we could easily paint the Harley logo on rather than needing to get a decal. We can paint on any logo or image you want by using a vinyl decal as a template or stencil.

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Painting on the Harley logo

The Harley-Davidson logo lays on top of, and shows up more prominently than, the ghost flame paint job behind it. This was so you’d see the Harley logo immediately, but then gradually be able to see the ghosted flames.

In the following picture, the flash from the camera illuminates the silver ghost flames that you can barely see without the light hitting it. The owner, who drove from Clemson to get his bike done with us, was super happy he decided to go with the custom look.

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Ghost flames shown in the light

If you’ve got a paint job you’ve been wanting to make a reality, contact us to discuss. Tim loves creating custom looks, especially for motorcycles.

Check out more pictures of our work in the Motorcycle Paint Jobs Photo Gallery!


3 Replies to "Ghost Flame Paint Job on a Harley tank"

  • Scott Johnston
    January 22, 2021 (6:17 am)

    I have a 1974 amc harley electra glide i am in the process of restoring. I want the tank and fenders painted glossy black. However, i was wondering if the tank could have thin red, white and blue very lighty “ghosted” in strips in the background like the original decals? The glossy black needs to be prevelent like the fenders.

  • Gary M Vaughn
    May 28, 2018 (10:14 am)

    your paint jobs looks great,do you paint guitar boddies l have a fender guitar that l wohld like painted metal flake . gary vaughn 828 342-0121 lm in bryson city

    • TD Customs
      June 6, 2018 (3:12 pm)

      Thanks Gary, sounds great! Metal flake comes in different colors and sizes, so we can discuss what kind of paint job you’re looking for and get it looking just how you want it. I believe Tim called you, so give him a ring back at 828-505-6603.

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