The Helmet Halo

Helmet HaloThe Helmet Halo is a new portable motorcycle helmet holder that travels easily and protects your helmet from dents, scratches, and the possibility of theft.

We had the pleasure of meeting Helmet Halo Owner and Asheville local, David Turner, a couple weeks ago. He brought a few Helmet Halos into the shop for us to display for our motorcycle enthusiasts.

David designed the helmet halos after he cracked the mouth-piece vent on his helmet when it fell. It was a small, yet pricey replacement. Helmets are bound to take a fall here and there, so a helmet holder reduces the risk of it falling off the bike or the table or wherever you end up riding to. It’s a great way to ‘protect what protects you’!

Helmet Halos at TD Customs

Helmet Halos displayed at TD Customs

We’ve got the halos set up in our front room if anyone is interested in taking a look at them. Priced at $16.95, they come in blue, black, lime green and red. Since they are made of rubber, they are easily folded down so you can store them in a purse or your motorcycle’s saddlebags. If your motorcycle helmet is valuable or has a great paint job on it that you want to protect, this might be just the thing to keep it safe.

You can also find more information on the Helmet Halo website.

Helmet painted to match motorcycle - Asheville custom motorcycle paintBoth my helmet and Tim’s are in need of a new paint job. Right now they are scuffed up from being dropped a few times over the riding season. Of course, we just like to switch up our helmet paint jobs every so often to have something new anyway. Once we get our helmets painted again, and especially if we decide to put Lumilor on them, we may want to carry the halos with us to keep them safe and pretty.

Most helmets are black and plain-looking, but you know at TD Customs, we’re all about a custom look. Is it time to get your helmet painted? Why not Get your helmet painted to match your bike? Helmets are just another accessory that can be personalized and made into something you love, and of course, want to protect.

What do you all do with your helmet when you get off your motorcycle? Do you take it with you in the restaurant or leave it on the bike? Leave us a comment below!

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