Video: How Lexus brought the RC F to life with Lumilor

Lexus Australia wanted to show people how thrilling it is to drive the new Lexus RC F. To do this, they painted the car with electroluminescent paint panels down the sides and wired the panels to a heart rate monitor on the driver. Next, they created an intense race track with sharp hairpin turns and had professional drivers race at night.

The Lumilor lit panels light up in conjunction with the driver’s heart rate monitor. As the driver’s heart beats per minute increase, the panels on the Lexus flash faster.

Lexus definitely achieved what they set out to do by showing how exciting it is to drive their car. The video itself is exciting! Watch the full Lexus Heartbeat Car commercial if you haven’t already, and read how Lexus uses Lumilor to build car with human heartbeat!

The technology behind this entire build is so intense. It is truly a one of a kind paint job with amazing capabilities. No other car has ever illustrated a human heart beat, much less on the outside of the car through its paint. Lumilor is a paint coating system that lights up when an electric charge is connected to it. They programmed the electronics to allow the heart rate monitor to communicate with the paint, and thus light up when the driver’s heart beats.

This video by Lexus Australia gives you a behind the scenes look at how the team built this amazing car.

TD Customs is a Certified Lumilor Lab and custom paint and body shop. To learn more, see our Lumilor page and the Lumilor FAQs. If you’re interested in a light up paint job of your own, feel free to contact us to discuss.

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