Light up paint on the Harley (aka Babydoll)

The first LUMILOR electroluminescent paint job to leave TD Customs, folks!

This 2002 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic, affectionately known as Babydoll, got a special little detail added to the fairing this week. We painted the name ‘Babydoll’ in the electroluminescent paint, Lumilor, so it can light up at the flick of a switch.

Lumilor electroluminescent paint on Harley

Lumilor electroluminescent paint

Lumilor is an Electroluminescent Coating System that allows us to paint light onto almost any surface. The paint contains conductive particles that allow it to light up when electrically charged. It also sprays on like regular paint so it can be turned on and off with a simple switch, so you can decide when you want it on.

In this case, we painted the motorcycle fairing to read ‘Babydoll’ in silver when the Lumilor paint is off, and to light up when turned on. In other cases, we are able to conceal the entire lit up sections when it’s turned off, so you won’t see anything at all. It all depends on the look you’re going for.

light up paint lumilor on off

There are many different options for the design. With Babydoll, we used a decal to create the lettering they wanted and made just the letters themselves light up. Everything else around the letters is completely smooth and seamless, with no lines or wires showing whatsoever. There are many possibilities when using decals because we can print just about any image, lay it down on the paint and then remove it to reveal the lit up paint job. Other possibilities may include accent pieces such as flames, stripes and logos. It’s all up to what you want!

Paint that lights up with a real electric charge is a fairly new product that many people still haven’t seen or heard of. It is an actual paint product that is wired to a battery or other electrical source to produce an electrical charge when turned on. And just like that, you have a light wherever you want one. On your motorcycle, car, helmet, guitar, you name it.

Night rides definitely just got a lot cooler! Especially for those who are getting light up paint jobs now because they will be among the very first people to have anything like this.

light up paint lumilor harley

Doug with his new Lumilor paint job!

TD Customs is a Certified Lumilor Lab, able to paint with LIGHT. We are excited to offer this brand new electroluminescent paint to our customers!

Check out our Lumilor page for more details, or see our Electroluminescent Paint Questions page for answers to the most frequently asked questions about Lumilor.

Contact TD Customs or fill out a Get Lit Request form if you are interested in a Lumilor paint job of your own.

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