Our customers keep in touch!

We got a nice visit from a wonderful customer of ours the other day. We’ve done a restoration on one of Pete’s cars before; an Oldsmobile Cutlass 442. It was a complete ground up restoration, and one of the first that we did in this building. He’s a great guy and a loyal customer, who’s brought us a couple other cars and referred us to his friends and family. And every once in a while, he stops by just to say hi!

classicrestorationmillsrivertdcustosmHe has a lot of cool cars, and likes to drive them all. This time, he brought the ’29 Chevy. He remembered that we do a calendar every year with all the coolest cars we get in the shop, and requested we include the car in this year’s calendar.

This car is particularly special to us. Pete was gracious enough to offer his 1929 Chevy for us to use on our wedding day. It was an outdoor wedding, and my dad and I made our grand entrance in the ceremony in the ’29. After the ceremony, Tim and I took it for a drive to the reception across the street where everyone was outside waiting. It was perfect, and we loved getting to use such a special car for the day. How blessed are we that our customers would do something like that for us?

So we did an impromptu photo shoot for the ’29 Chevy. It was a nice sunny day, and we have a spot by the grass that we always use to photograph cars. We must say, she’s looking good! And has a prime spot in our 2016 calendar.

classic restoration mills river nc td customs

Such a beautiful car!

Last year, two of his cars were featured in our calendar. One month was a split screen of a picture from our engagement photos and one from the wedding. The picture of us with the first car is one that’s been in a neighboring barn on our property, and we just like it!


Another month on our body shop calendar featured his Oldsmobile Cutlass 442. This restoration included everything from major rust repair, to custom fabrication for pieces that were missing, to of course, a beautiful paint job. It took a couple months, and was a great project. Now that I think about it, maybe we need to do another photo shoot with this car!


It’s always nice to see Pete, and we love when our customers keep in touch. If you have a restoration or other paint and body work you’d like to have us do, contact us today to discuss. For more pictures of the auto repair and paint jobs we’ve done, see our Photo Gallery page.

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