Rust Repair on a ’64 Chevy Impala

Not all classic cars come into TD Customs for a full restoration. Some just have some rust or dents and dings that need to be taken care of. If you’re bringing your classic car anywhere for repair, make sure it’s at a place that knows these kinds of cars. We specialize in classic cars and getting the metal and body work done so the car looks completely flawless.

Classic Car Rust Repair

A ’64 Chevy Impala came into the shop needing rust repair done to a couple small areas. In the picture below, you can see some minor rust damage to the corner of the rear driver’s side fender. It’s always a good idea to address rust issues when they first start. Taking care of them at this stage is a lot easier and cheaper than having to patch big rust holes throughout the vehicle.

classic car rust repair body shop Mills River

’64 Impala in for rust repair

We mask off the area(s) to be repaired and get to work. With classic car rust repair damage, we remove all existing rust. Sometimes, if it’s not too bad, this involves sanding it off. Other times, when it is more extensive, like this, we need to remove it by cutting it out.

rust repair auto body shop

New steel is welded in to replace the patch we removed.

auto body shop rust repair

Once the new steel is put into place, we do a little body work to make sure the entire area is smooth.

rust repair auto body shop Arden

The rust has been repaired and the corner patched with new steel. We’ll then prime the parts that have been repaired, like you can see above. However, when it’s time to paint, we paint the entire part so there are no paint lines or raised clear coat lines.

rust repair paint match classic car

We repainted the back fender to match the car, blending where needed, and now it’s back to it’s pre-rust, original condition.

classic car rust repair WNC body shop

No more rust!

After rust repair and a perfect color matching paint job, the Impala looks good as new. The rust has been fully taken care of, so it won’t spread.

rust repair classic car body shop

After rust repairs – Classic ’64 Impala

Contact us if you’ve got a classic car that needs some attention. We do the full restorations, but are always happy to repair rust or other body damage. We’ve got to keep these classics looking their best out on the roads.

TD Customs works on classic cars, as well as newer model vehicles. Whether it’s a full paint job, or just smaller collision repair, we’re  happy to help!

See our Photo Gallery for more of our finished work!

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