Scratches, paint chipping, and sun fading.. No More!

It seems no matter how careful you are, over time, your car is bound to get some small blemishes along the way. Most commonly we see chips in the paint, sun fading or little scratches, dents, and dings.

Paint Chipping

car paint chipping repair - hendersonville auto body shop
Paint chipping under window seal


Scratches in car paint can be so noticeable and bug the h e double hockey sticks out of you. Have no fear, TD Customs is here. Scratches are an easy fix. Shallow scratches may sand out, or if it’s a more substantial scratch, we’ll use bondo and make the surface smooth again. That panel will then get painted to match the rest of the vehicle, blending the paint if needed.

automotive scratch repair car asheville
Door scratches

Sun Fading Refinishing

Sun fading happens over time when the sun tends to hit a certain area of the car and thins the clear coat top layer of the paint off. It starts to look dim and discolored

sun fading car automotive repair asheville
Sun fading

When we do repairs to a certain panel, we do need to sand down the entire panel and paint and clear it. This is so there are no

Perfect Paint Matching

Once all body repairs have been done, it’s time for paint. We typically use the vehicle’s VIN number to obtain the paint code, and paint the damaged parts to match. We may also blend the paint to the neighboring panel when necessary. Tim has been painting all kinds of vehicles (and other things) for over 15 years, and knows all the tricks for blending or obtaining the perfect color match. When we’re done, you won’t be able to tell any damage was ever done.

auto body repairs scratches sun fading TD Customs
After body repairs & fresh paint

We’re here to make the process of fixing your car as easy as possible. We know you want to drop your car off, know it’s in the right hands, get it back as soon as possible! As a small business, we really do think of each person and try to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Give Tim a call at 828-505-6603 to discuss your project and schedule a free estimate.

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