Two-tone custom painted wheels

Painted wheels give you the option of adding a pop of color or integrating a certain paint scheme throughout the details of the car. Painting wheels is an easy way to make them your own. Painting them to your liking may be preferable to purchasing new ones or keeping ones that don’t go with the rest of the car.

Custom painted wheels

The painted wheels above were done for the ’70 Trans Am restoration we’ve been working on. They are painted a two-toned color scheme; silver on a gunmetal metallic grey base. As you can see in the picture, the paint really gives them a little something extra without going over the top.

custom painted wheelsA little color on the wheels of your car can make a big difference to the overall look. There are a lot of different options. You could paint the wheels a black or silver just to make them look new again. You may also choose to paint them a custom color to match the car’s paint. We saw the wheels to the right at a recent car show. We didn’t paint them, but you can see how the color adds to the overall look. By painting the rims white with a simple teal accent stripe on the inside, the wheels really pop out at you in a great way.

Not too long ago, we painted the wheels below silver, with black on the inner sides and a black pinstripe around the edges. Painting the insides black made a big difference. There’s a nice contrast with the silver and black.

Asheville custom painted wheels rims

Many restorations will include painting the wheels if they don’t currently match the new paint scheme or if they are just worn down.  Wheels are just as important as the rest of the car. We wouldn’t want a beautiful paint job on the car with wheels that don’t do it justice! Painting your wheels is a simple, inexpensive way to give your car a custom look.

To see more of our work, check out the Photo Gallery page, and contact us if we can help you with a custom paint job!

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