Video: Thought process behind electroluminescent paint

Darkside Scientific’s Andy Zsinko invented Lumilor and explains his thought process behind creating an electroluminescent paint.

Since Andy had custom paint experience, a friend of his wanted him to paint his motorcycle. Andy decided to do something new and different.

“It’s pretty easy to get hit when you’re not seen,” said Zsinko. “I said, well let’s make it light up. Do something different, be unique. So I started dabbling with photo-luminescent paint, making it charge by sunlight, blacklight, what have you. But it was failure because you couldn’t control it. I said well, photo-luminescent won’t work; the only way to go is electroluminescent.”

And the rest is Lumilor history.

After he was able to get the perfect combination of paint coatings that produced light, one of the first electroluminescent paint jobs he did was the Lumilor Dragon Bike. The tank, fender and helmet all light up with an airbrushed dragon on the tank.

Zsinko continued, “There’s any number of applications for it. It can be used in artistic endeavors, so it’s a new medium. It’s a new opportunity. I’m making light. Let there be light.”

Thanks to Andy’s amazing invention, we can now make any object into a light.

Unfortunately, we never got a chance to meet Andy. He passed away in early 2015. He left behind a revolutionizing new product for the paint industry, as well as many people who speak very highly of his character. As we spoke with the Darkside Scientific team, it was easy to see that his legacy is not only the amazing Lumilor product, but who he was as a person.

We look forward to bringing Andy’s great invention to life through all kinds of electroluminescent paint jobs. See our Lumilor page for more information on the product, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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