2016 Camaro Krypton Features Electroluminescent Paint Lumilor

Lumilor Camaro

2016 Camaro Krypton with Lumilor bowties

Chevrolet revealed their new 2016 Chevy Camaro Krypton at the 2015 SEMA Show this week. It is one of their new custom Gen 6 Camaros. A two-toned green and black concept car, the Camaro Krypton showcases a ‘kryptonic green’ paint and electroluminescent painted Chevy bowtie accents cascading down the sides.

camaro krypton electroluminescent paint

Camaro Krypton Concept Car

The illuminated bowties showcase one of the newest, most revolutionizing custom paint products available today. The Chevy logos are able to  light up through the electroluminescent paint, Lumilor.

Lumilor is a patented Electroluminescent Coating System that allows any paint job to be wired with a real electric charge that creates a light.

Electroluminescent paint was only just invented in the last few years. It is applied like regular paint, so it can be used on almost any surface imaginable. It turns on and off with a simple switch, and can also be activated by sound, set to flash, or synced to other electrical components, such as the revving of the engine.

lumilor electroluminescent paint

Lexus RX7 with Lumilor

Lumilor has been seen on several other show pieces, like the Lexus Heartbeat car and the Dragon Bike. There are many possibilities for using Lumilor. It can be used for big, eye-catching paint jobs, like the Camaro Krypton, or more likely, as accent pieces on helmets, motorcycles, or pinstripes on a car.

The 2016 Camaro Krypton is the latest large scale Lumilor project to be unveiled. Darkside Scientific worked with Chevrolet to create the lighted Chevy bowtie logos on the sides of the car. The bowties were ghost painted in so they are still visible when the paint is turned off. Other times, the illuminated elements can be completely invisible when there is no current running to it.

The 2016 Camaro Krypton Concept in action…

In this case, the green Lumilor color was used to match the car’s kryptonic green theme. However, there are other LumiColors® available as well, including white, blue, aqua, and orange. The Camaro Krypton showcases the green LumiColor in keeping with the ‘kryptonic’ theme that references the chemical element, Krypton, and the fictional planet in the Superman stories.

camaro krypton electroluminescent paint

Electroluminescent painted Chevy bowties. Photo: Jake Lingeman

The 2016 Camaro Krypton is a one-off concept car based on their V6 Camaro with the RS package. It was made specifically for the SEMA Show, so you won’t be seeing any stock models with the flashing bowties any time soon. The Lumilor product itself, though, is available to be applied through Certified Lumilor® Labs, like TD Customs is currently training to become.

TD Customs is in Las Vegas specifically for Lumilor training. However, we are also attending the SEMA Show, so we were able to see the Camaro Krypton in all its glory on the showroom floor. The folks at Darkside Scientific are extremely talented. Painters, Randy “Radman” Vranesevic and Trent Rogers, created the illuminated bowtie paint job you see, with electronic programming done by Dan Moore, and project management by Kristen Rogers. They did a great job with this Camaro!

To get a Lumilor paint job of your own, contact TD Customs to discuss design options or fill out a Get Lit Request for a free quote.

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