2016 Ride for Kids Bike Show

This Saturday was the 2016 Ride for Kids Bike Run & Show, hosted by Schroader’s Honda of Hendersonville and the Asheville Outlets, and it was great to see so many cool looking bikes and get to show off our own!

Asheville bike show TD Customs

The TD Customs booth at the Bike Show

The TD Customs motorcycle was done just in time to make it to the show. It has electroluminescent paint on the tank, hard bags, and front fender that lights up through the blue and silver top coat lace paint job. We painted it to match the TD Customs El Camino, and it looks great in the sun and definitely at night while it’s all lit up. Here is her daytime look…

TD Customs Custom Motorcycle Paint

Custom motorcycle paint job

It was a beautiful day for a bike show. There were a lot of great looking motorcycles, different vendors to check out, and a synchronized motorcycle show to kick it all off. Daytime bike shows aren’t the best venue for showing off a light up paint job, but we were happy to be there with our freshly painted motorcycle and get to talk to some folks about the electroluminescent paint and our custom paint and restoration services.

TD Customs at the Bike Show

We saw a bike we painted there, which is always nice. This one is so cool looking too! I love that wheel. This motorcycle needed some touch up work to the pearl white on the back fenders. We kept the custom airbrush work from a previous artist, and just touched up and repainted the areas around it. There was some careful blending needed to make sure the new paint matched the original paint job perfectly. It really looks great in the sun. Everyone was stopping to take a look.

TD Customs motorcycle paint job Asheville

Spotted a bike we painted at the Bike Show!

Overall, there was a nice turnout, and some really awesome bikes! Thanks to Schroader’s Honda for putting it on, and hopefully it will be annual event we can plan on being at next year!

Asheville bike show

We’re excited to hit up some Asheville/ Hendersonville bike nights and the next car/ bike show we’ve got coming up. We’ll be at the WNC Ag Center on July 1 & 2 for their annual Mountaineer Antique Auto Show. We’ll have a booth inside, so be sure to stop by and see the TD Customs El Camino and the motorcycle all lit up!

We have been so crazy busy that we haven’t gotten a chance to take many pictures of the bike at night, so stay tuned for more pictures and video to come! For now, here is Tim, owner of TD Customs and the man behind our next level paint jobs, with our bike all lit up.

Tim Donaghue TD Customs Lumilor light up paint

Check out our Lumilor page to learn more about electroluminescent paint, and Follow us on Facebook to keep up with all the latest we’ve got going on!

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