Trans Am in primer. Next up; prep & paint!

We’re making lots of progress on the Trans Am restoration, and it’ll be ready for paint in the next week. Once we really got into the body work on this car, we realized there was more body damage than we originally thought. Sometimes the car just takes a little more work to get it perfectly straight. A paint job won’t look good if the body work is not done right. Once a car is painted, it’s easy to see all the little waves and imperfections, so this is really the most crucial part of the restoration and the part that takes the longest to do.

classic restorations asheville

Sanding/ contouring body lines to make them perfectly straight

Our shop has been busier than ever lately. We’ve taken a little longer on this restoration than we had planned or would like. When it comes to these classic restorations, the body work gets a little more complex. Until just lately, the more intense body work could only be done by Tim since he has the experience needed to get the body lines just right. He has been spread pretty thin these days, but luckily we recently hired an auto body tech that has good experience and has been doing great on the body work we have. It’s really helped us get more done on jobs in the final stages of body work. [And we are still Hiring, if anyone knows of a good auto body technician looking for a job with good pay at a great shop!]

Asheville body shop restoration

The Trans Am is in primer. Now it’s time for the final sanding, prepping and paint. We will do the door jambs and inners first, and then assemble doors, trunk lid, and hood back on the car. Once the car is put back together, we will get it all wet sanded and ready for paint. It is getting painted a really pretty true blue color with white accents. It’s going to look so good!

Trans Am restoration in primer

Trans Am in primer

Trans am in primer

Smooth body lines!

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