5 Tips for Choosing a Reputable Auto Body Shop

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Choosing a reputable auto body shop is very important. You want to take your car somewhere that is trusted and experienced. Your car is presumably one of the most important assets you own, so you want to be sure that it will be taken care of the right way by whatever body shop you bring it to.

There are several things to consider when looking for a reputable auto body shop…

1. How did you hear about this body shop?

Many of our customers find us through word-of-mouth advertising. We have many satisfied customers who continue to come back to us and who refer us to their friends. If you hear a good review from someone you trust, you should keep this shop in mind. It’s much more comforting taking your car somewhere you know has done good work for someone you know personally.

If you don’t have a personal recommendation from someone, take a look at the shop’s website and check out pictures of their recent work. If they don’t have one, or don’t take the time to keep it current, they may not prioritize other things that are important. In this case, you might ask for pictures of work they have done, or see if they will allow you to speak with previous customers about their experience.

2. Consider the shop itself

It’s always good to visit the shop before you bring your car in. Usually our customers visit us when they come in for a free estimate. We take a look at the car and discuss what the project entails, while they have a chance to check out our shop.  Another thing to think about is the overheard with different auto body shops. A huge repair shop will likely charge a higher labor rate than a smaller shop simply due to the fact that they have more overhead. The higher their bills, the higher your bill is going to be too! Our shop is relatively small compared to some, so we are able to provide the same expertise, but at a lower rate. It’s also good to know who will be doing the actual body work on the car. Is the person giving the estimate going to do the work as well? If possible, see if you can speak with the person doing the work and get a sense of their experience level.

3. Get several estimates

Don’t just give your work to the first body shop you go to. Most auto body repair shops will give free estimates, so it pays to go to at least a couple different shops. We stand by the estimates we give, as we are very fair with our pricing. That is why we feel very comfortable suggesting that people get several estimates, because we generally do come in lower than most. It’s also just good to know how each shop compares. If you are located in the Arden/ Mills River area, there are several other places to get an estimate from other than TD Customs, such as Stallings Collision and First Aid Auto.

4. Ask questions

The person giving you an estimate should be able to answer any questions you have. Depending on the work you need to have done, you may want to ask what kind of paint products the shop uses, if they are ordering new or used parts, or if the estimate is guaranteed or subject to change if more hours are needed. Do they offer a warranty? Many people don’t ask up front, but TD Customs honors a one-year warranty on any work we do. If something happens to your paint or repair within a year, bring it back and we’ll fix it free of charge.

5. Trust your gut

Sometimes you just know when something is right or wrong. If you walk into a body shop and get a certain feeling, go with it. You probably aren’t wrong. Some things might tip you off, such as, Are there lots of employees just standing around? Are there other cars in the shop? Does it look busy? Does it look organized? Does the person you speak with make you feel like they value you? All of these things contribute to how a body shop will care for you and your car.

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Hopefully these tips will help you in choosing a reputable auto body shop when you need one. Here at TD Customs, we put customer satisfaction at the very top of our priority list. We make sure every job meets our high standards, and that each customer is happy with the work we’ve done.

TD Customs is a business built on taking care of our customers and doing quality work no matter what the job. We are a trusted, reputable auto body shop that takes care of our customers. We don’t cut corners, and we put you first. If you’d like an estimate on body work or paint, feel free to contact us.

2 Replies to "5 Tips for Choosing a Reputable Auto Body Shop"

  • kyle kidd
    March 5, 2020 (11:52 am)

    I appreciate that you mentioned that it is good to see how the prices of different body shops compare before you would choose who to hire, so we should get several cost estimates. My wife and I have been talking about finding a dentist to help us with our car because we were rear-ended last week, and want to get the massive dent taken out because it is embarrassing. To be sure that we could get one that is the right price, I will be sure to get several cost estimates.

  • Drake Welsh
    October 7, 2019 (4:11 pm)

    I thought that it was helpful when you suggested to get several cost estimates before you choose a body shop. I was in an accident this morning, and want to get the dent taken out of my car. When I look for a shop, I will be sure to get several cost estimates.

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