Motorcycle paint job: BMW crotch rocket

motorcycle paint job lake lure pic

The bike we painted in front of Lake Lure!

A simple motorcycle paint job can completely change the look and feel of your bike. We think what you drive or in this case, ride, is a reflection of who you are and what you like. Everyone’s bike tends to look a bit different. Those who are getting custom motorcycle paint jobs are especially able to create a new, custom look on their bike. The sky is the limit. You choose the paint color, the design and how you want it to look.

We’ve painted many motorcycles with all kinds of paint schemes. Sometimes the motorcycles get painted something a totally custom, like ghost flames or marble effect. Other times, they are simply painted back to factory original colors. Sometimes we color match certain parts and change the paint on certain sections only.

Our latest motorcycle paint job was done on a BMW K1200 crotch rocket bike. For this motorcycle paint job, we were only asked to paint certain areas of the fenders. The customer wanted to keep the blue you see here, but change the silver to black.

motorcycle paint job arden nc

We taped off the blue and applied the black paint to just the silver areas. Just changing one color on the motorcycle parts makes a world of difference. We think it  makes it look a bit edgier. Take a look…

motorcycle paint job arden nc

Typically, customers take the bike parts, such as the tank, fenders or fairing, off the motorcycle and bring the parts to us to paint. It is easier for them to bring and saves us the labor of disassembly. This way, we don’t always get to see what the bike looks like all put together. But it’s great when our customers get back to us with pictures of their motorcycle all put together, telling us how much they love it. This crotch rocket paint job was no exception. Here is what the BMW K1200 crotch rocket looks like all finished…

custom motorcycle paint arden nc

Customer photo after it’s been put together!

The bike looks great! Having it be mostly blue and black, especially with those custom wheels, makes it really eye-catching and cool.

And hey, the weather is being so weird right now so maybe he can still ride it even if it is December. If not, it’ll be ready to go for the spring. We think winter is the best time to get your motorcycle painted. Motorcycle paint jobs only take us a few days to do, but it’s nice to get the work done to the bike while you’re not out riding, so it’s all ready whenever you are.

Also, since we do usually just get the motorcycle parts themselves, we’ve also had customer ship us their bike parts to get painted. We discuss the project with them via phone, email and text, sending pictures along the way, and then ship them back. Like this bike paint job, for example. It’s as easy as if you come into the shop, only you’re dropping the parts off at the post office. Let us know if you are interested in shipping parts to us to paint. We’re always happy to work with you to make the process easier.

If you’ve got a motorcycle you need to have painted, contact us and we can work with you to get the exact look you’re after. For some inspiration, feel free to check out our Motorcycle Paint Job photo gallery.

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