Paint that lights up HOT PINK!

Electroluminescent paint comes in Pink!! Lumilor is a paint product that lets us paint anything into a real, electrically charged light. If you’ve been following our blog or social media, you know electroluminescent paint is awesome. But we can kick the awesomesness up a notch with Hot Pink Lumilor!

electroluminescent paint lumilor pink color

Lumilor is a patented Electroluminescent Coating System that allows us to paint anything into a real lamp. The paint itself contains phosphorescent substances that, when connected to an electric charge. It’ll have hidden wires into a power source, so you can flip the paint on and off with a switch.

Lumilor electroluminescent paint comes in white, blue, aqua, green and orange. However, there are ways to produce different colors of light through the top coats, like we see here. By using a the white LumiColor and adding a candy pink top coat, we produce a hot pink color.

pink lumilor electroluminescent paint

Hot pink Lumilor sample

Having a HOT PINK Lumilor option is awesome. There are so many more ways this paint can be used when we have several options to choose from. I can think of so many girls who are going to love having ho pink Lumilor accents on their cars and motorcycles.

Wouldn’t pink Lumilor look great on a bike like this?  We could isolate just certain accents like the stars, so when you turn the electroluminescent paint on, it lights up, and when it’s off, all you see is the original paint. This is a great feature for night riding. We can even paint helmets to light up, for safety and an added cool feature.

Wouldn't pink Lumilor look great on this bike?!

Wouldn’t Pink Lumilor look great on this bike?!

What would you put PINK Lumilor electroluminescent paint on?

TD Customs is a Certified Lumilor Lab, located in Mills River, NC, just down the road from the Asheville Airport. We would love to make your electroluminescent ideas come to life with Lumilor. Click the Get Lit button to fill out a request form, and we’ll get back to you to discuss what you’re looking for.

To read more about the different Lumilor color options, read, What Colors Does Lumilor Come in?

Find answers to your Electroluminescent Paint Questions here! If you have any other questions or would like to discuss a project with Tim, feel free to contact us!

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