’64 Ford Galaxie Progress Report

We’ve got a 1964 Ford Galaxie in the building!

As usual, we had Top Notch Towing, our preferred towing company, take care of the tow to our shop.

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This just in! ’64 Ford Galaxie

The Galaxie is currently in the original red color, as you can see in the pictures, and will be painted back to its factory-original color from 1964, called Rangoon Red.

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1964 Ford Galaxie: Before

The owners of this car actually live in Florida and frequently visit the WNC area often. They plan on making the car a family heirloom. We are always excited to be a part of a special family project like this.

The first order of business in any restoration is to disassemble the car. We take the doors, hood, and truck lid off. We also disassemble headlights and all other emblems and accessories. Everything gets taken off the car so we are left with just the body to work with.

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We sent the front and back bumpers off to be re-chromed at Tri City Plating Co. They refinished the bumpers back to their original condition, and look great!

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Re-chromed bumpers

This restoration called for taking the car down to bare metal. In this case, we used chemical paint stripper to remove all the paint and all the layers underneath. Under the paint, there was primer and old body work.

classic restorations hendersonville - chemical paint stripping

Chemical paint stripping in progress

We recently wrote a blog about chemical paint stripping. If you’re interested in learning how and why we strip certain cars, check it out!

bare metal restoration asheville

Here is what the Galaxie looks like after all the paint has been stripped off, and we are left with bare metal…

bare metal restorations classic car

Galaxie in bare metal

After the paint had been stripped, we put the first coat of primer on. When a car is in bare metal, it is very susceptible to attracting moisture that will lead to rust. This is why we put it in primer as soon as the paint has been removed. This ensures that it is protected right away.

classic car in primer - auto body shop

Galaxie in primer

From there, we will begin any body work and metal work that is needed. Be sure to check back on this one! We’ll post more updates as progress is made.

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If you’d like to discuss a project or any body work with us, contact Tim today. He’ll be happy to answer any questions, and get you on the schedule when you’re ready.

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  • Skip
    November 7, 2017 (9:46 am)

    Looking great! We are so happy with Tim and his crew! They are professional, honest and easy to work with. They make a tough job smooth!

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