’79 Sierra: Rust repairs & Fresh paint



This 1979 GMC Sierra Classic pickup truck was in the shop for some rust repairs and a fresh paint job. The customer wanted to keep the truck looking original with the same paint scheme. With all the rust, it was just time to do some maintenance on the truck to get it looking new again.

rust repair truck paint job

Before – rust repairs needed

There were some minor dings and waves that required body work. The truck was speckled with rust on the roof and other areas of the truck, such as the driver’s side door.

rust repair truck paint job

Rust holes on the roof

Since the rust was mostly just speckled, this was the best time to get to it. Taking care of rust early on, before it has a chance to create large holes, is a good idea. It takes less work to repair, and therefore costs less as well. We stripped the roof down to bare metal and filled the holes. There weren’t any extensive body issues, but some repairs and patches were needed.

The paint colors were going back to the same factory original colors. It’s a two-toned paint scheme with dark and light grey paint and chrome details.

The truck looks similar to how it did when it came in, just without any flaws. The rust and minor damage has been repaired. And with the fresh paint, it looks just the way it did leaving the factory in 1979.

rust repair truck paint job Hendersonville NC

This paint job didn’t take much time due to how minimal the body damage was. Sometimes the sanding and sculpting can take much longer when trying to get body lines smooth, especially with the older classic cars.

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