Truck Restoration Update: Land Rover Defender

If you’re following us on social media (which you totally should be!), you may have seen our latest auto restoration project; a 1995 Land Rover Defender.

land rover restoration

Land Rover Defender: Before pic

This is a cool off-road luxury vehicle that is getting a full restoration and paint job. It will be painted the original off-white color, with a black roll cage and black trim pieces.

We are diligently working on this truck restoration because there is a tight deadline to meet on this one. Generally, our auto restorations take a few months from start to finish. However, this customer lives in Key West, and comes to Charlotte for business only every so often, so due to his schedule, we agreed to have it done within 5 weeks. It’s cutting it short with all of the other auto body jobs we have, but we’ve got it covered.

land rover auto restoration parts

Lots of parts!

This is a fun restoration because it has involved stripping the whole vehicle down, and there was a lot of parts and components to come off of this one. Some are going to be worked on and put back on the Defender, and other parts are being replaced for new ones. Regardless, we have everything inventoried and labeled, and kept aside until the very end.

We’ve made lots of progress on completely stripping it down and getting a lot of the body work done on the doors and hood. By the end of tomorrow, everything will be sanded down and primed. There is a lot of work that leads up to getting a car in primer, including rust repair, dent removal, and other auto body repair work. Primer is the last step after all auto body work has been completed.

land rover truck restoration

All stripped down!

One of the last steps before getting this truck restoration in primer is to tape off the paint lines and cover up everything that is not getting painted. This is a precise job, as any tape line that is not perfectly aligned with where the actual paint line should be will be majorly noticeable, and it will need to be done all over again! It’s this attention to detail that can make or break a paint job.

truck restoration

Taped off for paint

Stay tuned for more updates on the Land Rover Defender truck restoration. If you want to make sure you don’t miss one of our blogs (and why wouldn’t you? ;)), Subscribe to our blog using the form on the right side of this page. See our Auto Restoration Services page for more information on restorations or contact us to discuss.

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