Full Paint Job, Done in Stages

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One recent restoration project we’ve had is this 1965 Mustang, which will ultimately be getting a full paint job. We’ve been working with this customer for awhile. It was about two  years ago that he brought it in for body work and to get it put in primer. He explained that this was a project car and he was expecting the restoration, with both our work and the work he plans on doing himself, would take a few years to be completely finished. He didn’t want an entire restoration done on the spot, but rather slowly work on it at the pace he feels comfortable with.

full paint job door jam innersSometimes, it’s easier for the customer if we break up the full paint job in stages. They have a chance to work on the parts of the car that they want to take care of, such as the interior or the motor, while saving up for each stage of the restoration process as they go.

This doesn’t necessarily save the customer money off of their total; in fact, it will cost a little more in the long run because of the additional work each time, but it allows them to space out the work and the payments as they see fit. We explain all this up front, so the customer can make an informed decision.

It was nice to see this customer come back for the next stage of his full paint job and restoration. Because of our last job with car, all the body work was completely done and it was ready to get prepped for paint. This stage included finding the perfect color blue with some shimmer in the sun, and painting all the inner parts of the car, such as the door jams, dash board, and inner trunk lining.

car full paint job dash board

It’ll probably be another 9 months to a year before the Mustang returns for the final paint it needs. The next time this customer comes to us, we’ll be painting the exterior the same sparkly blue as the inner jams are painted now. We’re excited for that last stage of the full paint job, because that’s the funnest part. And of course, it’s always so rewarding to see all of our work come to life with a fresh paint job that shines in the sun and grabs everyone’s attention. It’s different doing a full paint job on a car in stages over the course of several years, but is also  kind of fun to reconnect with our customer every so often and getting them one step closer to their finished product.

We are always happy to work within the needs of our customers. If you have any special requests, don’t hesitate to discuss them with Tim. Contact us today to get started our your full paint job/ restoration project. In the meantime, check out our Restoration Services page for more details and our Photo Gallery page to see pictures of our work!

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