Body repairs on cars involves a lot of prep work!

TD Customs does a lot of body repairs on cars that have just gotten into little fender bender accidents and need minor collision repair. There is a lot work involved in these jobs. Luckily, we have it down to a science at this point. Tim has years of auto body and paint experience. He will completely repair any body damage so that you’d never be able to tell there was an accident in the first place.

body repairs on cars hendersonville nc

Lots of prep!

Sometimes people are surprised by how much is involved in doing even minor body repairs on cars. There are a lot of steps involved, including the much needed prep work. When you watch the car remodel shows on TV, like Overhaulin’ or Fast N Loud,  you see them wiz through the various processes to end up at the big reveal moment. I suppose it’s not as interesting or exciting to see a bunch of behind-the-scenes people fixing minor flaws or tapping off paint lines. It can be tedious business, but the prep work is a very important part of the process.

We recently had a body repair job that seemed perfect for an explanation of what the process entails. For this job, we were only asked to paint certain areas of the car. The back fender had a dent that needed body work, the roof had clear coat peeling from sun damage, and the hood and a few other panels needed fresh paint.

body repairs on cars hendersonville nc

Lots of taping!

Body work on cars that are not getting a full paint job do require more taping and masking prep work than others, simply because it is important to cover all areas that are not getting painted. And those tape lines need to be perfect. Otherwise, even a tiny bit that wasn’t taped right will show the new paint in the wrong place, and will need to be repainted. When it comes to paint, even the smallest mistake is going to be very noticeable.

body repairs on cars taped off

Masking and taping off paint lines

Body repairs on cars may vary depending on the type of job that car needs. If clear coat is peeling, for example, we need to sand off all the existing clear coat and repaint it with color and clear. If there are scratches or dings, we need to get the body looking smooth again. Bondo is used to fill cracks and other blemishes, sanded down smooth, and contoured to fit the body lines of the car. There really is a science to body repairs on cars. It takes a lot of experience to know how to do each stage of the repair perfectly so that the finished product will look completely flawless.

The following is a time lapse type of collage that shows a dent being smoothed out with bondo after the dent has been pulled out. Bondo is the putty being filled in the dents or cracks. From there, it needs to dry a bit, get sanded down until it is completely smooth to the car, and then primed. After primer, there’s more sanding to feather it into the car again to smooth it out, and then the best part, paint!

arden nc body repairs on cars

Repairing a dent with body work – in stages

Located in Mills River, NC, TD Customs specializes in all kinds of body repairs on cars, trucks and motorcycles in Arden, Hendersonville, and all surrounding areas. We offer services for auto body repairs on cars with minor collision repair, as well as full restorations and paint jobs.

Whether your repairs are big or small, we’re here to help. We are known for our affordable prices and fast turnaround times. Contact us to get a free quote on your body repairs today!

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