Camper Paint Job: El Burro

This must be the season for restoring campers, as this is the second one we’ve done in the last month. Spring is almost here, and it’s time to get those campers looking nice for warm weather camping trips!

Here is the Burro camper before… Not too bad, just needs refinishing to bring it back to that ‘just like new’ look.

travel trailer - before camper paint job


This travel trailer paint job was pretty straight forward. We needed to repair the cracks in the shell of the camper and get the body refinished back to its original condition. The old decals were looking a little worn, so we removed them and replaced them with new ones. (Decals, of course, have to be replaced with new paint anyway.)

camper paint job asheville

When all the chips, scratches and waves are corrected and the entire trailer is prepped, we can move on to the paint job. These Burro campers are almost always white with the specific decals you see here, so we kept the white color.

Here is the Burro camper paint job all finished and ready to be delivered…

Asheville camper paint job

The bright white really stands out and looks very pristine. Here is the travel trailer from the other side…

camper paint job

The owner was really happy with how clean the camper looks. He left us a nice comment on Facebook, saying, “Proud of the BURRO! Thanks Tim. Awesome job!”

All the pictures from the Burro camper paint job can be seen at the bottom of the page.

Now (right before Spring) is really the best time to get campers and motorcycles in for refinishing. Getting the body work and paint done now ensures that the first warm day we get, you’re ready to go.

Contact us if you’re needing¬†a camper paint job, or would like to discuss an auto body repair or restoration job with us. To see more pictures of our work, check out the Photo Gallery, and specifically the Other Cool Stuff page.

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