Sure, we’ll refinish a shotgun

There are a lot of auto body repair shops in and around Asheville that like to stick to just the basics. Replacing parts, pulling out dents, etc.

At TD Customs, we love custom paint jobs that are slightly outside the box. It’s a chance to do something different and creative, which is always fun. So, why not include gun restoration on the list?

It’s not your average auto body shop job, but we are happy to offer custom paint services on a number of unique items.

Here is what the gun refinishing job looked like Before & After…

gun refinishing

In the Before picture, you can see the gun is in relatively good condition. It did have some chips and scratches in the stock, and the barrel was looking a little dull and cloudy.

To refinish the shotgun, all the wood got sanded down, revealing the lighter color and bringing out the wood grain a little more. The barrel was also sanded down, and then painted silver, with a protective clear coat on top. The lighter colors give the gun a fresh, new look.

For those who are interested, the gun is a Stoeger Condor double barrel, 12 gauge shotgun.

Is there something you’ve been wanting to get refinished? We look at custom paint jobs on unique items pretty much the same as we would a vehicle. We determine how we’ll refinish the item, how long it will take, and cost of materials, and provide you with an estimate. Feel free to check out some of our more custom jobs on our Other Cool Stuff photo gallery.

If you have a custom paint project that you’d like us to take a look at, contact us today to discuss.

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