Car mods: New body kit on the G35

The Infiniti G35 has gotten a little face lift with an Outcast Garage body kit, an OG Kuruma Z, to be exact.

Here is what it looked like when it rolled in…

before body kit installation

Before new body kit

Asheville Auto Body Kit Installation

Our first order of business is disassembling all the old parts. These parts were stock, factory parts and are being replaced with a new custom Outcast Garage body kit, which includes a new front and rear bumper and side skirts.

car mods body kit installation Asheville

Out with the old parts!

We then work on the new body kit parts, and paint them to match the existing paint. In this case, it got a fresh coat of gloss black paint.

auto paint body kit parts

New parts painted to match the car

Typically, new body kit parts will fit perfectly on the car it is intended for. Sometimes, though, the panels don’t line up perfectly. When this happens, it’s time to do some body work to mold the parts enough to line up. Both sides of the back bumper needed a little attention to get them perfectly lined up.

auto body work

bumper body work

After doing the body work to the panels that didn’t line up, we primed and painted the parts again. Now that everything fits how it should, the body kit adds a subtle, yet significant change to the car. By just changing out the bumpers and sides, it really begins to look like a different car. A new, custom look.

td customs asheville car mods body shop

After body kit installation

This is a really cool car, owned by Ms. Grease Kitty. She plasti-dipped the wheels and emblems  with a blue/purple chameleon color. The new body kit is the latest modification done to customize this G35.

asheville body shop

TD Customs is an auto body shop specializing in all kinds of custom modifications like this body kit installation. We are conveniently located down the road from the Asheville Airport, in Mills River. Contact us today to discuss how we can modify your ride!

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