Classic Restoration: ’79 Corvette

full auto restoration on 79 corvette

We’ve got a couple classic restorations going on at TD Customs, including this 1979 L82 Chevy Corvette.

This classic restoration started out bright green in color, affectionately known as “bugger green” by its owners, and just needed an updated look. The new paint color is going to be a custom mixed steel grey with blue undertones. It is going to look great!

There were some body flaws, but after some sanding, fiberglass repairs and bondo work to fix the minor dents, it is going to be smooth and flawless. Tim is always bending down to look at the lines of the car to make sure there are no small waves, pin pricks or anything that needs to be smoothed out.

Look out Hendersonville’s Corvette night, this one’s going to be a winner at the car show! To stay up to date on the latest auto restorations, including this one and others, be sure to LIKE us on Facebook or subscribe to this blog!

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