Color Changing Chromalusion Chameleon Paint

Sometimes one color just isn’t enough. So, what’s the answer? Chromalusion chameleon paint; a paint that can be a bunch of different colors depending on how the light hits it or how you look at it!

chromalusion chameleon paint

We had a customer come to us wanting to paint her front door a special color shifting paint called Chromalusion, or Chamelion paint. From different angles, it looks pink, purple, blue, or yellow, and sometimes all of the above.

chromalusion chameleon paint

Chameleon paint on white kitchen cabinets

We had some paint left over, so she decided to also paint her kitchen cabinet fixtures. Her kitchen is all white, with the Chromalusion chameleon paint on all the handles.

This customer told us that she is obsessed with nail polish and this particular chameleon paint, so Tim put some paint in a nail polish jar for her. A front door, kitchen cabinet fixtures, and probably the priciest nail polish you could get.

Chromalusion paint can, of course, also be applied to cars and motorcycles to create a one-of-a-kind effect that will get lots of attention. Custom car paint jobs that use chameleon paint are different than the average paint job for a few reasons.

Some things to know about the chameleon Chromalusion paint:

  • ¬†There about 20 different color options for chameleon paint. The color shown in the images here has more pinks and purples. However, there are also chameleon paint that show more blues and greens or yellows.
  • This paint makes your car, motorcycle or anything else completely unique. No Chromalusion paint job will look the same because the color you see all depends on the angle you are looking at it and how the light hits it at that moment. Two people can stand next to each other and see different shades of color, making your vehicle truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Chameleon paint is really cool and gives your vehicle something completely different than the average paint job, but given the color changing effects it has, it is also very expensive. There are different types available, but an average price would be about $500 a pint. A full paint job on a vehicle may require up to a gallon just for the paint alone. Other options may include doing accent pieces on a car or motorcycle rather than paint the entire surface area.

We love getting to do cool paint projects like this. If you have an idea for a chameleon color changing paint job, contact us today for a free estimate.

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  • Luis Arroyo
    January 16, 2020 (12:33 am)

    Would like to do something like this for a football helmet candy apple fire red and chrome silver,what would something like that go for?

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