Fiberglass repairs on the big rig

TTractor trailer fiberglass repairshis is probably the biggest rig to come into the shop! And with the exhaust stacks, it doesn’t even fit all the way inside.

This Freightliner tractor trailer is in for some fiberglass repair work for some small cracks and holes in the body, and then painted back to original color.

It belongs to a customer we have done a classic car restoration for in the past, and she continues to bring us all of her vehicles for any body work that is needed. We don’t typically work on trucks this big, but when it comes to special requests, if Tim can do it, he will.

Luckily, most of the work is in the front end, because that is all that will fit through the door! There are a few more fiberglass repairs needed on the top rear of the cab, but the panel came off so we can work on that inside the shop.

Ain’t no job too big for TD Customs! If you’ve got a job we can help with, please contact us today to discuss.


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