Custom metal rails for a Bunk Bed!

It’s always fun to see what we’re going to get in the shop. It’s not always just car repairs and motorcycle paint jobs; sometimes we get some unique requests. This week we’ve been working on a set of metal rails, a ladder, and some other attachment pieces for what is going to be put together as a really cool Bunk Bed!

custom metal rails steel look

Pieces for a pretty sweet looking bunk bed

These steel rails were sanded down to the pure metal, revealing a cool, custom swirl pattern. After lots of sanding, we painted a clear coat on top so all  you see is the raw steel.

It’s a very industrial type of look, but also very pretty. The swirls we can make with certain grinders is really cool.

custom metal rails restored and painted

Swirl marks in steel

We’ve done several sets of these custom metal rails for this particular construction company, and it’s always fun to hear where they will go in a house. The other rails we have done have been installed in indoor staircases, as well as exterior railings around patios. They build a lot of homes with industrial accent pieces, like this bunk bed. Many times, the steel rails are paired with nice wood to compliment the look a bit.

While we, of course, specialize in auto body repairs and auto restorations, we are always happy to take on other specialized jobs. Sometimes finding a painter or someone to completely restore an item is difficult. Often, the bigger and heavier pieces, like these rails, turn out best when restored and painted by someone experienced in dealing with larger objects, and with a paint booth that can accommodate the job.

Custom paint can completely transform the look of an item. We love restoring random pieces and creating the look for them that you want.

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Do you have a custom paint job for us? Other random request? Contact us to discuss your project today!

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