Getting your car repaired after an accident

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If you read one of our last blogs, You just got in a car accident. Now what?, you know the right things to do immediately following an accident, such as taking pictures and filing a police report. But what do you do after you have left the scene of the car accident and are filing your claim? How do you coordinate everything with your insurance company and your preferred auto body repair shop to get your car repaired?

Getting your car repaired after an accident can be frustrating, but with the right people helping you through it, it doesn’t have to be any more of an inconvenience than it already is.

Following a car accident, most people will need to decide whether or not to file a claim with their insurance provider. This largely depends on the amount of body damage and what your deductible is. You may choose to pay out of pocket to get your car repaired rather than file a claim and risk having your rates go up, or to file an insurance claim to cover the repairs.

When you file a claim with your insurance company, they will schedule an inspection of the car and the damage. Sometimes you will have to go to them, or they may send someone out to your home or to the auto body shop you’ve already brought your vehicle to.

The more information the insurance adjuster has, the better they’ll be able to determine the cost of your repair.  The insurance adjuster will be able to tell whether new parts are needed or if the current ones will be able to be repaired. They’ll also be able to estimate the amount of labor hours require for the repair job. They will review all the body damage and the police report, and come up with a estimate price for repairs.

Some things to know when getting your car repaired after an accident…

  • Everyone is able to choose the body shop of their choice. Your auto insurance agency may have a different preferred shop, by they are required to let you choose where to get your vehicle repaired.
  • If you have to have your car towed, consider finding the body shop where you will be getting the repairs done and coordinate to have it towed directly to them.
  • If you need to have parts replaced on your vehicle, you are entitled to ask the insurance company for brand new parts rather than used.
  • Once the claim has been filed and the coverage has been determined, the insurance company will write a check to you or directly the body shop of your choosing for the repairs.

From there, it’s up to the body shop to do a good job getting the car repaired and back on the road. Need help in finding the right body shop? Read our 5 Tips for Choosing a Reputable Auto Body Shop.

TD Customs is your one stop body shop. We are happy to work with your insurance company to get your auto body repairs taken care of right away. We know you need to get back on the road, so we will work with you on your schedule. Fender benders and collision repair jobs typically only take a couple days. See our Collision Repair page for more information on our services.

We are located in Mills River, just down the street from the Asheville Airport. We proudly serve all surrounding areas, including Hendersonville, Arden, Fletcher and Asheville. Feel free to stop by the shop for a free estimate, or call/email to discuss your project with us.

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