Fast turnaround on body work

We are always so amazed when we hear people say that their car/ truck/ motorcycle has been at another body shop for months or even years. We wonder what could possibly take that shop so long to get the repairs done. Unless specifically agreed on for some reason, it should never take a year to get body work or paint done!

At TD Customs, we will never let your vehicle just sit in the back of the shop. We don’t procrastinate. If we don’t have the time, space or ability to do a job, we don’t take it on. We proudly offer quality work with fast turnaround times because our customers will appreciate it, and it’s just good business.

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How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

Each job will require a different amount of work, typically based on the size of the vehicle, the amount of body work needed, and the availability of parts being shipped to us. Vehicles with a lot of body work needed, for example, will take longer, while those needing new parts may not take long at all. Here’s a bit of a breakdown on our body repair turnaround times…

Collision repair

Simple fender bender collision repair jobs generally only take a few days. Things that might affect collision repair turnaround time include waiting on parts to be delivered or waiting on an insurance payment, if applicable. Other than that, body work is straight forward. We’ll need to fix any dents, dings, or scratches, replace parts if needed, prep and prime the vehicle, and then paint it. After paint, it will need time to dry, be wet sanded, polished, and then it is done. We always try to provide fast turnaround on body work for customers in this type of situation since we understand the inconvenience of not having your car for a few days, and want to get you back on the road as soon as possible.


Restorations naturally take longer. There is a lot more to do for restorations. In most cases, the car is being completely stripped down and restored with new or repaired parts, and getting a new paint job. Many customers getting auto restorations will mention if they want it done by a certain date or that they are not in a hurry. A general end date will be discussed, but with these full restorations, we can only estimate the hours needed on it. Tim communicates with our restoration customers often throughout the process, and we always encourage customers to drop by and see how it’s going.


Full paint jobs tend to take a week or so, and we discuss a realistic deadline with our customers. It depends on the vehicle/ item, and what is entailed in getting it ready for paint, such as if there is a lot of sanding and body work needed. There is also a finished process after the car is painted, which includes sanding and buffing/ polishing.

What do YOU (the customer) want?

This is what we care about most. Body shops need to listen to the customer, and at times, alter the plan based on what they need. For example, we have one customer who is not in a hurry to get their car completed. They are working within a budget and rather than get the entire restoration done at once, they bring the car back when they are ready for each next step. They are getting a full paint job, but done in stages. It’s not how we usually do it, but we value what our customers need and aim to work with you as much as possible.

But if you’re like most people, once you commit to getting a job done and bring your car/ truck/ motorcycle to us, you want it done soon. Fast turnaround on body work is always our goal. We can definitely assure you that your job will never reach back-burner status. We aim to get jobs in and out with quick turnaround times because that really is what’s best for us and the customer.

TD Customs is an experienced, reliable body shop located in Mills River, just down the road from the Asheville Aiport. We serve all surrounding areas, including Hendersonville, Arden and Fletcher. Contact us today for a free auto body repair estimate!

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