Painted Brake Calipers

Custom painted brake calipers are a cool way to add a pop of color to the wheels on your vehicle. It adds a nice, subtle look that doesn’t immediately jump out at you, but gives it that little something extra that makes the car uniquely yours.

With painted brake calipers,  you can add those pops of color to match existing accent pieces, like the other red accents shown on the Mazda RX7 below.

painted brake calipers

Red brake calipers to compliment the other red accents

Brake calipers are a part of the disc brake system on your wheel. Depending on how many rotors your car has, there will either be 2 brake calipers for the front wheels, or one on all 4 wheels. They aren’t the most aesthetically appealing without paint, as shown here…

painted brake calipers before paint

Brake calipers without paint. Sad.

Brake calipers can be easily taken off, and painted to match the car. You can also match certain accent colors on the car, or painted a completely different color to give it that unique edge. It’s not a lot of surface area that’s getting painted, but the difference it makes is well worth it. Depending on the color and contrast with the wheels and the rest of the vehicle, having custom painted brake calipers makes you do a double take on a vehicle that may not have made you do otherwise.

Since brake calipers are so small, getting them painted is a cost-effective option when looking to customize your car and add some color in.

These brake calipers were painted bright red to contrast the blue of the car.  Custom painted brake calipers are good way to break up the majority color and add a pop of color that most wouldn’t expect.

custom painted brake calipers

Red calipers on blue car

panted brake caliper colorsPainted brake calipers – Lots of color options

We can paint your brake calipers any paint color available in the POR-15 high temp paint we use. We have to use high temp paint to keep the paint from flaking off the calipers when they get hot from driving. Typically the color come in black, gray, red, blue, yellow and silver. Certain colors, like pink, green or purple are possible, but will require mixing two different colors to achieve the right shade. The color you choose is based on your personal preference, and what you want your vehicle’s overall look to be. Let us know what you’re thinking and we will do what we can to get just the right color.

Contact TD Customs to discuss your brake caliper paint job with us.  We’re located in Mills River, just off of 280, down the road from the Asheville Airport.

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