Chevy K-20 Pickup Truck Paint Job

The latest full paint job was done on a big 1986 Chevy K-20 pickup truck. It was to be painted back to it’s factory-original colors; a brown and gold two-toned theme.

The Before Pic…

before pic pickup truck paint job

Before Pic

There was some body work needed before paint. All of the parts were taken off, including the bed, and sanded down and repaired. To prevent rust from popping up underneath the truck and on the bed, we undercoated it, and brush-coated a rust prevention coating called POR on the bed. The glass for the windows was also replaced, as was the rubbers for the windows and doors.

pickup truck paint job

After primer, the first areas to be painted were the back of the bed, that is pushed up to the cab, the inner door jams, and the frame. We painted these brown, and then assembled the doors and put the bed back on to the frame.

pickup truck paint job in primer

Once the parts were placed back on the truck, it was ready for paint. Tim had to tape the lines perfectly down the sides to create the two-toned paint theme.

This pickup truck paint job has a unique two-toned look, with gold on the bottom, as well as on the roof of the truck. The colors are broken up very nicely.

And the After Pic…

pickup truck paint job TD Customs

After Pic – A Perfect Paint Job!

Tim does excellent body work. He always says you should be able to look down the body of the car or truck and not see any waves anywhere. Look at how smooth the body of this truck is!

excellent body work tdcustoms

Smooth body lines

The owners were very happy with the finished product, and so was their 16 year old son because it is going to be his first truck!

The new paint looks great, especially in the sun. There is definitely some sparkle to both the brown and gold colors. It’s original to the factory colors of 1986, but it sure does look brand new!

We love bringing these older pickup trucks back to life, and seeing our customers leave happy. Custom paint jobs and restorations are our business. For a pickup truck paint job of your own, contact us for a free quote today!

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