Spoiler Alert! Custom molded spoiler

While we do all kinds of auto body repair work, TD Customs is all about the custom modifications that make a car totally unique. It’s what we love to see and what we love to do. It’s always fun to see what personal touches people want on their vehicle.

This 2006 Nissan 350z came in needing a spoiler custom molded to the body of the car. As you can see from the picture, the black aftermarket spoiler was initially just attached to the back.

It doesn’t look bad, but it sure does make a world of difference to see a spoiler molded to the car itself and painted to match rather than the black spoiler simply attached to the back. Here is the Before…


To get the desired look, we custom molded the spoiler to the rear hatch of the car and then refinished it to the blue factory color on the 350z. Here is the After…

spoiler auto body work

After: Custom molded spoiler

It looks nice and seamless now. This wasn’t a huge job, but the body work needed to make the spoiler a permanent part of the car really changes up the look. The spoiler looks like it was always supposed to be there. It has the subtle custom look that most 350z’s you see on the roads don’t have.

Take a look at the side by side images. What a difference some custom auto body modifications will do to the look of a vehicle.

custom spoiler modification Asheville auto body shop

The new spoiler looks great. The owner was very happy and left a nice review for us. Here’s what he said…

“Recently had some custom body work done and it was nothing short of perfect! Couldn’t be happier, looking forward to doing future business with the friendly people over at TD Customs!”

We’re so appreciative of good reviews! We often hear them in person, but we like when prospective customers get to read them as well.

If you’ve got some custom body work you need done on your vehicle, contact us to discuss how we can help. We’re always up for cool, custom jobs, and we’re also here for your average collision repairs.

To see more of TD Customs’ finished products, check out our Photo Gallery!



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