Utility truck paint job

You gotta keep the work trucks clean! This 2007 Ford F-450 bucket truck just needed some body maintenance and fresh paint to get back to its original condition.

bucket truck paint job Arden


This was a quick paint job back to the factory white paint it came with. The owner uses this bucket truck for work. It needed a couple new parts, but mainly it just needed some minor rust and body work repairs and for it to be repainted. Customers notice things like how a company’s work truck is holding up, so it was time to refinish it.

There wasn’t much body damage, so the repairs were minimal. We did the cab and the back box, sanding it down, refinishing it and getting it ready for paint.

utility truck paint job

Truck in primer

After refinishing and painting the utility truck, it looks nice and clean. No rust, dents, or dings. It’s ready to get back work!

Here is the After…

utility truck paint job - hendersonville body shop

Having it freshly painted makes a big difference. It now looks clean and professional.

utility truck paint job - Hendersonville body shop

Before we dove into this utility truck paint job, the owner even let us use it to hang up the sign on the side of the building. We hadn’t been able to get that high up before. (Our customers are awesome.)

mills river auto body shop

The owner was happy, and already has another utility truck paint job for us to do.

Do you have a utility vehicle you need refinished and painted? At TD Customs, we’re happy to take in larger scale paint jobs when we can. We’ve refinished an ambulance and a couple tractor trailers before, so we can accommodate the big trucks every once in a while.

Contact us if you’ve got a project you’d like us to take a look at. In the meantime, feel free to look through our Photo Gallery to see pictures of our finished work.

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