Family day with Ms. Ruthy (’39 Chrysler)

We’ve had a family project in the shop this year, a 1939 Chrysler that belongs to Tim’s grandma. It’s almost ready to be painted, so we’ve had a few family days to get it all prepped. A lot of sanding and bodywork perfecting need to be done before we can see some color. Once the paint is on, you’ll be able to see any blemishes. Therefore, we are always very thorough before rolling it in the paint booth.

It’s always fun to get together with family at the shop. Everyone gets something to do, even our 6 year old nephew! Julie and Ethan worked on sanding down the window trim pieces. These will be getting painted back to the faux wood finish.

Ethan being shy for the camera…

Chris grinded down the wheels that had some rust. He used the grinder wheel to make the finish on the wheels smooth. The tires are very old and worn, so we’ll be buying new ones.

When it was time for a break, Ethan got on his pocket rocket for a little tutorial on how to make it go.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t ready to take it for a spin just yet. Instead, Tim and Chris both took it around the parking lot, while Ethan rode his bike. They raced, and Ethan won every time.

The pocket rocket’s got nothing on Ethan’s little legs

The last part to be primed!

Tim and our guys in the shop have been working on getting all the body work done on the car. The door shown here is the very last piece ready for primer. The body work is done on most of the part

Once everything is primed, we can work on sanding it all down once again, and then paint it. The paint color is going to be the original dark blue it had back in 1939.

We recently had a visit from Ruthy’s owners. Tim’s grandparents were on their way home to NY from FL, and stopped in to see us! They said hi to Ruthy, knowing the next time they see her, she will be all done and looking just like it did in 1939.

Look for more Ruthy updates to come. I am a little behind on the Ruthy blogs, but we’ve been busy working on her. Tim’s mom and stepdad recently had a work day sanding the entire body of the car. Tim and Chris pulled the old motor out, which was also a huge step in the process.

See past Ruthy restoration posts to read more about this classic restoration.

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