Dustless Waterblasting

Dustless waterblasting is a way to strip a car of all the dust, paint and debris it has accumulated, and bring it down to bare metal again. Sandblasting isn’t always the best option, as it can easily warp metal. However, dustless waterblasting is much gentler on these old classic cars.

Here we have a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda that is getting a full body restoration. The body lines are wavy and will need a lot of body work to get them straight again. But first, we are stripping off old paint, some rust, and other debris. Once we get it down to bare metal, we can start doing the body work and metal work it needs.

TD Customs paint body shop waterblasting

The car came to us on a rotisserie, which makes it a lot more convenient to work on all sides of it. We can easily rotate the car as needed. This is great because we need to water blast every part of the car, including the undercarriage and frame.

waterblasting asheville nc

Waterblasting the undercarriage

We worked with WNC Mobile Dustless Waterblasting to get the car down to the metal. They came right to the shop with their mobile unit. They have with a water/solvent mixture to blast the car with. This gets all the tiny bits of debris off very efficiently.

Here is a video of the mobile waterblasting we had done on site…

You can see how well the water blasting works in taking off all the debris.

With the Cuda all stripped down, we did a little metal work on it and then primed it right away. We made sure to get it primed as soon as we could to prevent any rust from accumulating. When it comes to bare metal, rust can develop almost immediately.

Thanks to WNC Mobile Dustless Blasting for coming to the shop and getting the Cuda down to bare metal. We’d recommend them to anyone looking for a great sandblaster or waterblaster!

wnc mobile dustless blasting

WNC Mobile Dustless Waterblasting

TD Customs is an auto body and paint shop specializing in classic restorations, collision repair and custom paint. We’re happy to work on ground-up restorations like this, or replacing parts from a recent accident.

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