Ducati tank paint job

Sometimes all you need is a little change. That was the case with this Ducati tank paint job.

The tank was in for a subtle paint and logo change. It started off a vivid white color with a bright red block letter ‘Ducati’ logo.

The Ducati logo with block letters is their current logo, while the script was their older logo. Replacing the newer logo to the script version gives it more of a vintage vibe.

Here is what the Ducati motorcycle tank looked like Before…

ducati motorcycle tank

Before: Vivid white with bright red, current Ducati logo

The owner of the bike had a tiny decal of the Ducati logo he wanted. Many times, we can find logos and certain other images online for our printer to print out for us. This one was a bit harder to find, but when it comes to classic motorcycle emblems, you likely want it to be exact. Certain emblems are specifically for certain models or years that may be different than your bike. Our printer was able to recreate the exact emblem from the smaller version the customer had.

If you’ve got an image, logo, or other text in mind for your paint job, just let us know. Most times we’ll be able to find what you need or our printer can create it.

ducati motorcycle paint job

After: Off-white paint with vintage emblem

For this Ducati tank paint job, the owner chose the cream/ off-white paint color from one of our paint catalogs, and requested a satin finish. So, instead of spraying a shiny clear coat, we opted for a clear coat with a flattening agent. This allows almost any paint color to appear satin or a flat finish rather than your typical shiny look.

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  • Nathan Wageley
    February 24, 2021 (4:43 pm)


    I am looking for an estimate to paint my Ducati fuel tank. It was scratch on slide, it’s all original condition and has no dents. I can supply the new “Ducati” silver decals.

    2001 Ducati 748 Red

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