Dump Truck Paint Job

Asheville dump truck paint job TD Customs

We’ve had a big job in the shop this past week – a dump truck paint job!

This dump truck is a Ford F-700 that needed a fresh coat of paint. The cab and the hood of the dump truck were painted a bright white color. The bed was painted a simple grey.

auto body shop large truck

Tim up on the scaffold

Large utility vehicles like this F-700 in for a dump truck paint job are not what we typically have in the shop. However, as you can see, we can easily accommodate for one. We pull out the scaffolding and are good to go. We sand down the entire body of the truck, and repair any damage we find.

This particular dump truck paint job didn’t have too much body damage, so we mainly just sanded out small blemishes throughout. Once it’s all sanded, it’s time for paint.

We painted the cab and the hood first. Then we bag the painted parts, as we did in the picture to the right, and then get to work on the bed.

truck cab paint

Fresh white paint on the cab and hood

A grey color paint was used for the bed of the truck. Since the entire purpose of a dump truck is to haul heavy materials, the bed didn’t need a shiny clear coat. The simple singe stage grey paint will stand up to the work it will do. Therefore, it’s the best for the job.

dump truck paint job Hendersonville NC

Finished dump truck paint job

Dump trucks need love too. Utility vehicles that are being used for business should be kept looking clean and professional. Your customers may judge your business off the look of many different things. Work trucks can tell a lot about the care a company puts into their vehicles and other aspects of their business.

hendersonville dump trump paint job

Now that’s a clean, professional looking work truck!

If your work truck is looking a little worse for wear, give TD Customs a shout. We’ll get it looking brand new again in no time. The turnaround time on this dump truck paint job was just over a week.

Contact us to discuss your next auto body and paint project, and we’ll get you on the schedule!

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