Indian Motorcycle Paint Job

We have been doing a ton of motorcycle paint jobs lately. I guess we aren’t the only ones getting excited about for riding season! The weather is getting nicer here in the WNC/ Asheville area, and we can’t wait to take the bike out for a cruise. If you’re thinking about a new paint job for your motorcycle, now is the time to bring it in!

One of the latest bike paint jobs was for an Indian motorcycle. We needed to paint the tank, fenders, headlight housing and a couple other small pieces.

motorcycle paint job Indian

The owner chose the colors from our paint catalogs, choosing a brownish red color with cream and gold for the accents. The ‘Indian’ name and pinstriping throughout the paint job was all done in the same gold color. The design itself is traditional to the style of Indian motorcycles.

The finished pieces look great. The colors give it a little modern twist on the traditional style of these Indian bikes.

If you’ve got a specific emblem, logo or image you’d like on your paint job, let us know. We can use vinyl decals to paint on almost any graphic you choose.

Indian motorcycle paint job Asheville

Freshly painted motorcycle parts

The crimson red, gold and cream colors go very well together. The owner was happy, and gave us a great review, saying “Thank you, Tim! My bike looks fantastic!” He was even nice enough to send us some pictures of the Indian bike after he had put all the parts back on. Take a look…

td customs motorcycle paint job

Paint by TD Customs

Here is the other side view, where you can see the side piece we painted red.

td customs asheville motorcycle paint

Is your bike ready for a new paint job?

See the Motorcycle Repair & Paint page for more information. To see more pictures of our previous work, check out the Motorcycle Paint Job Photo Gallery.

Contact us today to get your bike on the schedule. We’ll get your motorcycle ready for riding season in no time!

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