Electroluminescent painted bicycles just made night cycling way cooler

night cycling needs electroluminescent painted bikes

Night cycling just got way cooler. Forget about reflectors, cheap lights or old EL wires. With the Lumilor® Electroluminescent Coating System, TD Customs can make your bicycle light up on command through the paint itself.

Lumilor may be the next big thing to hit the cycling industry. It is the world’s first sprayable electroluminescent coating system, and easily adds both function and decoration to the average bicycle. When lit, it allows your bicycle to turn into a real light with an electrical charge. When Lumilor is not lit, all you will see is a simple, clean paint job. You control it with a simple switch.

Lumilor electroluminescent painted bicycle

Electroluminescent paint applied to bicycle frame

Electroluminescent painted bicycles have an impressive custom look, while also adding a safety feature to your ride. The cycling market currently uses front lights, reflectors, reflector tape, etc. to increase visibility and provide safety options.

Lumilor, however, is more than just adding reflector items to the bike. It is an official, powered light source that becomes one with the bike through the paint itself.

This ensures that others on the road will clearly see you, and you will clearly be able to see the road before you. Having an electroluminescent painted bicycle makes night cycling way easier and safer. It is also great for mountain biking and off-road cycling as it provides a light whenever it is needed, such as riding on a darkened trail through the woods.

electroluminescent painted bicycle

Electroluminescent painted bicycle, including lighted wheels

Electroluminescent wires have been around for awhile, but they lack real illuminescence, meaning they will act more as a little reflector light for oncoming cars than an actual light source.

With EL wire, you just attach the wire to the lines of the bicycle and turn them on when needed. When the wires are turned off, however, you see them lining the bicycle, which definitely doesn’t look as nice as an electroluminescent paint job would. Lumilor is a product for those that want more than what the basic reflectors or electroluminescent wires can give.

Electroluminescent paint is brand new technology that has been relatively unseen before. A custom bicycle company in Europe, Brompton Bikes, says they will begin producing electroluminescent painted bicycles that you can buy within the next couple of years.

For those who can’t wait that long, are located in the US, and would like add electroluminescent paint to your bike now, contact us! TD Customs is a Certified Lumilor Lab, and we are excited to add electroluminscent painted bicycles to our list of services.

TD Customs is an auto body and paint shop that typically specializes in classic restorations and custom paint projects. Most of the work we do is on cars, trucks and motorcycles. However, electroluminescent paint is too good not to share the love with cycling enthusiasts. We think the cycling industry will benefit greatly from that increased visibility and cool factor of electroluminescent painted bicycles.

See our LUMILOR page for more details on the product, or get answers to your Electroluminescent Paint Questions. If you’d like a quote on getting your bicycle painted with Lumilor, then it’s time to Get LIT!

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